Mead Making Class


This mead making class covers the basics of beginning mead making, or the wonderful art of making wine from honey!
Saturday – December 2, 2017 – 10:00 a – 12:00 p

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Class Includes

  • Mead Making Demonstration
  • The History of Mead
  • Special Mead Fermentation Techniques
  • Mead & Honey Tasting
  • Discussion of Different Mead Styles


bee well honey farmBrian first started brewing beer back in college after one of his friends came back from summer break in California and found out that people there were brewing their own beer. After some quick work with a slide rule and abacus they realized that they could drink much more economically under the “Brew Your Own” model. Fortunately, Brian is a Type A so he went from brewing for bulk to brewing for quality pretty quickly.

It was not long before Brian was trying other styles of beverages and he produced his first Mead over Christmas break 1990. Since then he has been brewing Mead on a regular basis. Brian says, “I think what I like most about Mead is its uniqueness as a beverage. It’s not a Wine. It’s not a Beer. IT’s MEAD! – and I love to tell its story and to share my passion with family and friends, especially the friends I have not yet met.”



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