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Beekeeping Tips for April

Beekeeping Tips for April Bees are roaring, new bees are humming with orientation flights and Drones are on the hunt. This is when swarming is at an all time high. Swarming generally occurs right before the heavy “Honey Flow”. Drones are fully mature for mating and Queen Cells are hatching. Love is in the air.
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The Varroa Mite

Source: Bayer Magazine Beekeeper Ernst Caspari has 20 colonies of bees that collect honey for him, and he needs to protect his bees against their greatest enemy, the Varroa mite. This parasite, measuring one to two millimetres in length, is a major cause of bee losses during the winter. The Varroa mite first appeared in
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Spring Beekeeping Tips

The weather is getting warmer and days are staying lighter a little longer. So, spring can’t be that far away. To help you care for your bees this spring, we’ve compiled a few tips designed to get your colonies ready for a successful season. Make Room for the Queen Make sure that the queen has
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Beekeeping Tips for March

Beekeeping Tips for March This is a critical time for starvation. The young bees are hatching daily and the size of the colony increases by hundreds if not thousands per day. The worker bees are beginning to forage and drones begin to appear. As the days grow longer, the Queen increases her rate of egg
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5 Frame Nuc Recipe

If you are going to make a split in the spring then MAKE A GOOD ONE! It kills me when I hear beekeepers that want to make their splits before the weather is appropriate. If you make a tiny split it will struggle terribly to survive the cold temps and you risk killing them completely.
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How We Process Our Honey

  The most asked question we receive is “How do you process your honey?” There are many different ways to process honey and most of the decisions are based upon the quantity of honey to be extracted. One of the most important factors in our process is to handle the honey to preserve every single
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Beekeeping Tips for February

Beekeeping Tips for February The Queen still remains in the cluster and as the days become milder she begins to lay more eggs. The previous protein (Pollen Patty) is used to feed young larva. These bees will hatch out of the cell in 21 days. When young bees are being raised and days are warm,
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Choosing Bee Equipment

Choosing a Bee House? Choosing bee equipment can be a very daunting task.  This applies to all aspects of the hobby from protective gear to beekeeping tools and even the actual woodenware that houses the colony.   The honeybees themselves don’t care very much about the exact type of equipment you choose as long as it
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Can I keep bees?

YES you can. We’re in the dead of winter. It’s cold. And, we can’t wait for spring.  Hundreds of new beekeepers will go forth this Spring into the fascinating world of beekeeping.  The study of bee culture dates back to ancient times and volumes of books have been written on the subject. If this is
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Bee Packages vs Nucs

What is the best way to get started as a beekeeper?  The first step in your journey may be to choose a source of bees!  When buying bees, you will be faced with the decision of purchasing package bees vs nucs.  Both choices have advantages and disadvantages. Package Bees Thousands of packages of honeybees are sold