Bee Well Honey Bee Supply

Our Story

Bee Well Honey Farm & Bee Supply Inc. was established in 1999 by the Owen family in Pickens South Carolina near Table Rock and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our bees forage nectar and pollen from the wildflowers in the woods throughout the Southeast. We offer package bee sales, beekeeping supply sales, wholesale and retail honey and continue to seek specialty honeys for honey enthusiasts to enjoy.

We offer honey tastings at our retail locations featuring seasonal varieties like Sourwood, Echinacea, Tupelo, Clover, Orange Blossom, and will continue to search for other flavors for our customers to enjoy. Thank you for considering Bee Well Honey.

From the Bees to You

Our old fashioned methods of extracting and bottling creates honey that is sought after by families and honey connoisseurs.

We produce only 100% PURE RAW HONEY.

Beekeeping Supplier and Bees For Sale

We offer educational boot-camps for beginning and advanced beekeepers, and we sell beekeeping supplies and offer bees for sale to beekeepers all across Upstate South Carolina.

Wholesale Honey

Bee Well Honey Bottling and Distribution produces and distributes 100% Pure Raw Honey.

Focusing on streamlined production and distribution, we have a proven track record of sales and have improved customer service for retail grocers.

Entrepreneurship is the greatest form of individuality and Bee Well Honey is highly motivated in branding, promotions and product creation.

Partnering With Our Community

We are a proud partner of the South Carolina Rehabilitation Department who prepares and assists eligible South Carolinians with disabilities to achieve and maintain competitive employment.

All of our product jars are labeled by these great folks.

Beekeeping Classes

Learn from our experts.

Honeybees for Sale

Order package bees today.


Delicious local honey.

Interested in a Partnership?

From our Bee Bee Well Honey Bottling and Distribution division, we ship bulk supplies to grocery stores, supermarkets, and other honeybee stores across the Southeast.