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We sell raw honey, beekeeping supplies, and bees for sale.

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Bees On Sale for Spring 2020

We Will Be Shipping Bees As Well for Spring 2020. Stay Tuned for More Details.

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Welcome to Bee Well Honey Farm! Bee Well Honey is a family-owned and operated business in Pickens, South Carolina. Focused on bee supplies, honey and honey Bees For Sale, and Wholesale Honey, the Bee Well Honey Farm produces a delicious tasting raw and unfiltered honey for our customers! Organic living and sustainable ways of farming produce high-quality products in our Bee Well Honey Natural Market serving customers across the Southeast.

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Beekeeping Tips for October

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Beekeeping Tips for September

16 September 2019 By Bryan Owens in Beekeeping
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Bourbon and Honey Garlic Shrimp

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Honey Bees Love Goldenrod

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bee well honey farm

Beekeeping Tips for August

01 August 2019 By Bryan Owens in Beekeeping


"We love this honey! So much so we sent some jars to our family in Ohio as a gift."


"Best honey ever. When the store that I was buying it from went out of business, I found the website so that I could order it and keep my supply coming. I get the big plastic jug of honey and it’s awesome!"


"We recently started beekeeping and Lisa was fabulous answering questions and setting us up. She is most knowledgeable and prepares you well in getting started with honey bees. The market also has a nice selection of healthy and hard-to-find items."


"This unique little store in Pickens, SC is so different from any other store in the Upstate of SC. You can find all sorts of honey and made-by-bees products as well as many, many other natural and home-made food items. There are fresh eggs, and you can order bees and learn about bee-keeping as a hobby to help save our planet!! Loved it! Go!"