Bees for Sale – Package Bees for Sale – Sold Out for 2022

As the premier beekeeping supplier to the Southeast, Bee Well Honey offers the highest quality Italian bee packages.

For over 20 years Bee Well Honey has been the trusted packaged bees supplier. Our experienced beekeeping staff knows all the ins and outs of beekeeping.

We ship to Most of the U.S.!Bee Well Honey is THE TRUSTED supplier for package and packaged bees for over 20 years,

Italian Bee Packages With Marked Queen

Our 3lb package bees for sale are Italian Bee Packages and include a Marked Queen.

Italian Bee Nuc - 5 Frames

Our 5 Frame Italian Bee Nuc Colony is raised in South Carolina and comes with a Mated Queen in a Pro Nuc box.

Queen Bees

Our Italian Queen Bees are well mated and ready to use. Queen bees are boxed in a queen cage with attendants. Italian Queens are well mated and ready to use.