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What is the best way to get started as a beekeeper?  The first step in your journey may be to choose a source of bees!  When buying bees, you will be faced with the decision of purchasing package bees vs nucs.  Both choices have advantages and disadvantages.

Package Bees

bee packages

Bee Well Honey Bee Packages arrive in a wire and wooden package.

Thousands of packages of honeybees are sold each year.  The most popular size is a 3# (weight) package of bees with a young mated queen.  They are transported inside a small wire/wooden box with a can of sugar syrup to feed them on their journey.

Package Bees are the most economical and readily available source of bees.  Generally available early in the Spring season, package bees are often preferred for beekeepers who want to get started early in the season.


Nucs (also know as nucleus colonies) are small starter bee colonies.  A nuc usually consists of 5 frames of bees (including drawn comb, honey and brood) and a mated queen.  Not all nucs are created equal and when purchasing you should be clear on the size of the colony (# of frames)  you are purchasing.

Which is better – packages vs nucs ?

Which is better for the new beekeeper?  Packages vs nucs?  Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question and the best answer will depend on the genetics of the bees involved, the climate/geographic location and the management style of the beekeeper.

Packages vs Nuc   (the nitty-gritty)

Package Bees are more economical, less prone to spread pests or diseases (because no honeycomb is involved), and are more readily available.  They are slower to build up a working population and have to go through the queen acceptance procedure.

Nucs – Nuc colonies are more expensive than packages of bees.  They include a drawn honeycomb, some brood, and bees to cover the frames.  Their mated queen will already be laying and accepted.  This gives them a jump start initially over package bees.  However, the presence of a drawn comb also brings with it the opportunity for pests and disease.

Both package bees and nucs are a great way to get started in beekeeping.  Bee Well Honey Farm has been providing bees to area beekeepers for more than 20 years.  Always purchase your bees from a reputable dealer and this will help ensure that you get off to the best start possible.

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